El altímetro de los ERS y los hielos de Groenlandia

cartoLa Agencia Espacial Europea ha publicado un interesante informe acerca de la evolución cronológica de la capa de hielo de Groenlandia a través del uso de datos procedentes del altímetro a bordo de los ERS:

Researchers have utilised more than a decade’s worth of data from radar altimeters on ESA’s ERS satellites to produce the most detailed picture yet of thickness changes in the Greenland Ice Sheet.

A Norwegian-led team used the ERS data to measure elevation changes in the Greenland Ice Sheet from 1992 to 2003, finding recent growth in the interior sections estimated at around six centimetres per year during the study period. The research is due to be published by Science Magazine in November, having been published in the online Science Express on 20 October.

–> ERS altimeter survey shows growth of Greenland Ice Sheet interior.